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“I just tried the 3 day Ultimate Detox by StudioX and Salina Cosmetics and I have to say it’s excellent and delicious! I didn’t think I could survive on just having juices for 3 days, but I managed and felt very energetic throughout. My skin feels brighter and clearer too. Will definitely do a cleanse each time I’m in Karachi. My favourites were the ‘Spicy Lemon Cleanser’ and the ‘Almond Milk’. I was able to shed the extra weight gain I experienced due to all the traveling I do. Great and healthy way to get back into shape! Awesome job guys. This is what Pakistan needs! Now please come to Islamabad!”
-The Gorgeous Sukaina T Jaffer CEO of Sukaina’s Pop up Shop


Maliha Aziz copy


“I was blown away by the Detox programme! Not only was I full of energy, but it made my mind and body feel cleansed, relaxed and happy. It added the exact push I needed to battle wedding stress, boosting my tired out face with a beaming, glowing skin and an over all fresh look. I had been falling ill very frequently and I felt that the detox strengthened my immunity, by aiding my body with vital vitamins, fibre and calcium sources, it made me feel healthier than ever!”
-Maliha Aziz


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” I absolutely LOVED these juices. It was an amazing experience and I could feel more energy in me along with a boosted metabolism. More over, I genuinely thought this detox would be really hard to do, considering you have to drink only liquids for 3 days. But surprisingly it wasn’t hard at all, most of the time I felt more full and energetic as compared to the normal days. Cant wait to do it again 🙂 “
-Anzala Salim