Side Effects

The most common side effect of The Ultimate Detox is headaches.
This is caused partly by the drop in blood sugar levels and the beginning of elimination, but often caused by the body being deprived of sugar & caffeine. The more coffee or tea you are accustomed to drink, the worst the headache is likely to be. Don’t resort to painkillers, simply drink lots more water and take deep nasal breaths and it will pass.
During your Detox you may also get what is called a “healing crisis”- a coated tongue, bad breath, increased temperature, sweating, tremors and general aches and pains. This is caused by the sudden release of accumulated toxins from the body. It’s the result of the natural bacteria in the body dying off and releasing chemicals which are then absorbed by the gut wall.
Don’t worry of any of these things happen to you, they’re a positive sign, indicating the toxins are leaving the body.