Before and After Cleanse

Before Cleanse: Preparation for The Ultimate Detox

  • Start your cleanse preparation 3 days prior to beginning the first day of your chosen cleanse
  • Gradually reduce your coffee, tea & sugar intake: Caffeine is often the most difficult, and can give you a withdrawal headache around day 2 if you haven’t taken steps to reduce it. We advice for a smooth withdrawal is to halve your intake each day beginning at least 3 days prior to your detox start day
  • focus on including whole, fresh vegetables and fruit, plenty of salads, and be sure to drink plenty of water – aim for 2 liters daily
  • Make plenty of room in your fridges for your nutrient rich juices, it is very important that they make it into their new cool home as soon as possible after delivery.


Post Cleanse: What to do after The Ultimate Detox

  1. Transition out of your juice cleanse by slowly incorporating solids. Remember after your cleanse your stomach will be sensitive to solid foods as your digestive track is clean and toxic free.
  2. After your juice cleanse, continue your morning routine of a raw juice. This is a great way to feel energized and wake up your metabolism rate.
  3. Wait until you feel hungry. A fruit salad or chia porridge with goji berries and nuts are great breakfast choices: Don’t forget to chew your food and take your time while you eat. For lunch choose options such as a salad or nourishing soup with a side of colorful vegetables.
  4. Sip on plenty of coconut water and water throughout the day
  5. Switch to brown rice, quinoa (gluten free) or couscous and brown flour.
  6. From day 2 onwards you may introduce dairy and other animal products. We recommend you start with fish before adding meats.
  7. If you are looking for a change of lifestyle, overcome bad habits, burn fat & loose weight this is the time to follow a healthy diet and start exercising. Your workout should consist of a combination between cardio and weight training for maximum results. Remember after your juice cleanse your body is ready to shed weight and build muscle.
  8. Contact us if you have any questions or feedback
  9. The Ultimate Detox team would like you to make the most of your cleanse experience, you will receive a number of healthy easy to do recipes, helpful tips, and guidance to support your journey throughout the cleanse available at this site


Please note that you should not undertake a cleanse if you are under 18, pregnant or breastfeeding. If you have any concern, you are taking specific medication or you have a medical condition please check with your doctor first