About Us

Cleanse your body, loose weight, flatten your stomach, rebalance your system and renew yourself in the privacy of your own home!
Offering an array of cold pressed raw juices, now you can safely undertake a detox whenever you need one, making it part of your lifestyle: Yearly, seasonal or even monthly.
The idea behind Juicing is to give your body a break and allow it to heal itself, giving your digestive system a rest from the constant intake of heavy foods such as meat & dairy. Nutrients from the juice are immediately absorbed into your blood stream giving you instant nourishment, radiance & energy.
All our juices are prepared using a cold-pressed juicer. This maintains the essence of the fresh produce, enabling your body to maximize the absorption of nutrients in their purest form. This break through in technology ensures that the juice extracted by pressing instead of grinding, so vital nutrients, minerals and enzymes remain undamaged, unheated and easily absorbable. By consuming one of our cold-pressed juices you are feeding yourself with a concentrated amount of vitamins and minerals from raw, fresh, organic produce that is absorbed directly into your blood stream.


Salina Taqi & Fuzzy Faruque are the founders of The Ultimate Detox and are complete devoted juicers. 
Salina Taqi – Co-Founder

Salina Taqi

Salina Taqi is a certified Yogi who starts her day with a smile and a green juice.  You will catch her either on her mat or enjoying a high impact cardio class at StudioX. She loves reading inspirational books, eating healthy and living life to the fullest. Salina has studied juicing, detox & raw food during her teacher trainings in Singapore & Bali. Salina is also actively involved in launching various fitness and detox programs at Studio X. 
Fuzzy Faruque – Co-Founder


Fuzzy is a certified Holistic Health Coach and has a passion for healthy eating and living. She loves to spin, weight train and together with Jeanette Faruque, launched The 4 Week Ultimate X Body Bootcamp Program at Studio X. Her transformation into the health and fitness world came after undertaking a 7 day cleanse when she instantly realised the importance of juicing for overall energy & vitality. She has received a certification in Juicing for Health from London, specialising in Blood Sugar control, Inflammation and Hormonal Imbalances.